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219-4 TACO 3/4inch SWEAT FLO-CHECK

Mfg #219-4

Torrco Part #39414

When it comes to reliable gravity flow prevention, Taco's Flo-Chek series is the gold standard. Their design has been refined for the past four decades resulting in a compact, dependable addition to any hydronic heating system. The 219-4 is a bronze, horizontal Flo-Check check valve with a 3/4" sweat connection. With Taco Flo-Cheks you'll never have to worry about heat going to an already satisfied zone again. If you use an indirect fired water heater with your boiler, a Flo-Chek is the perfect way to keep your space heating and your DHW production completely separate. Inefficient circulation and gravity flow are things of the past with Taco Flo-Cheks in your system.


  • Automatically Opens When Circulator Starts Running
  • Cast Iron, Universal Body or Bronze Sweat-In Configuration
  • 125 PSI Maximum Operating Pressure (862 kPa)
  • 277 degrees F Maximum Operating Temperature (136 degrees C)

219-4 TACO 3/4inch SWEAT FLO-CHECK