WX203 AMTROL WELL-X-TROL TANK (15-3/8x46-1/2inch 3

47860 MFG #: WX203AMTROL
  • Gallons: 32

WELL-X-TROL® redefined the industry in 1963 with the invention of the first pre-pressurized well tank. Today, Well-X-Trol Next Generation well tanks continue to deliver unparalleled performance and longevity, making them the most recognized brand on the market. with its sealed air charge and unique water chamber design, Well-X-Trol remains the choice of professionals. In 2010, Amtrol responded to installer requests for an even longer warranty with the introduction of the Next Generation Well-X-Trol. Redesigned with features and enhancements never seen before, Well-X-Trol now offers a 7 year warranty - an industry first. Better performance, expanded options and a longer warranty; it's the definition of what a well tank should be.

Product Features:

-High strength steel: Deep-drawn domes are double the strength of rolled steel
-Multi-dome construction: Provides internal bracing for added strength, prevents diaphragm over-extension
-Heavy duty butyl diaphragm: The industry’s thickest diaphragm provides extra strength and flexibility, seamless design conforms exactly to the shell without stretching, creasing or forming bubbles that could trap water or sediment, meets stringent FDA requirements
-Positive diaphragm seal: Unique hoop ring and groove design secures the diaphragm, liner and shell for added strength and reliability, exclusive welding process eliminates rough spots and sharp edges that can damage the diaphragm and liner
-Polypropylene tank liner: Provides a 100% corrosion resistant, non-metallic water reservoir, NSF® International Standard 61 listed for clean, safe water storage with no taste or odor
-Optional Pro-Access® connection: High grade stainless steel withstands aggressive water conditions
-150 psig working pressure: 20% higher rating than competitive well tanks, every tank is pressure tested for added safety, pre-pressurized to the most common pump cut-in pressure
-Projection welded air valve: Eliminates leak paths found on threaded valves, tamper-evident warning label for added safety
-Tuf-Kote™ HG indoor/outdoor coating: Stands up to the most severe conditions, standard on all models
-Turbulator™ water circulation device: Patent pending design agitates water as it enters tank, helps reduce sediment build-up and extends tank life, included with all in-line and stand models
-DuraBase™ composite tank stand: Optional stand features patent pending design, UV resistant material is rugged and will never corrode, available separately as a spacer for Well-X-Trol® models
-7-year warranty: A Well-X-Trol exclusive and the best warranty in the industry
-Controls pump cycling in residential well water systems

  • Specifications
Tuf-Kote HG Blue
Stand Diameter
12 Inch
Factory Precharge
38 psig
32 gal
Connection Type
1 Inch NPTF
Pressure Rating
150 psi
Maximum Acceptance Factor
47 Inch Height x 15 Inch Diameter
High Stainless Steel
Maximum Operating Temperature
200 deg F
Sub Brand
9.9 gal At 30 To 50 psi, 8.6 gal At 40 To 60 psi, 7.6 gal At 50 To 70 psi
Pressure Relief Valve
125 psig